Jeddy’s Blend: A Natural Alternative for ADHD

Hope for children with severe ADHD and other behavioral disorders.

Today’s post is written by my sister Dori!  She has an important story to tell so I asked her to be a Guest Blogger on Camp Wander.  Dori has her own blog so I appreciate her taking time from her work on Riches to Rags by Dori.  Be sure to visit her blog, it’s stuffed full of simple yet delicious recipes!

Punk Sister

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Dori, Rebecca’s youngest sister.  Yes, she has two blogging sisters, Jillee and me!  FYI: we have a non-blogging sister too, she’s probably the most sensible one of the bunch :)

My sister Rebecca has worked hard to teach others about essential oils, she’s taught me many things about them too.  We now use EOs everyday and have seen amazing changes because of them.  

I’m here to share Jeddy’s story, he’s 7 years old and struggles with the challenges of severe ADHD everyday.  Jeddy is energetic, funny and happy, he has a heart of gold and a love like I’ve never seen.  He’s so happy and full life that he often bursts out in “screams” of joy just to release some of his crazy energy.  Even as a toddler he couldn’t sit still, always moving. When he started school, of course we started getting the calls…

ADHD is hard for parents but I can’t imagine how hard it is for my son to try and be still for a full day in the classroom.  The principle called us in when he was in first grade, they actually made him sign a legal document because he was so disruptive in class.  I was furious and he was devastated.

Of course, the school authorities told us we needed to seek medical help and get Jeddy on medication, as his Mom I knew there had to be a better way.

I had been using EOs for a while and I knew they could do wonderful things.  But, it took me awhile to gain the confidence to make my own blends.  However, I began to research, and learned that I would need to use the “big gun” calming oils for Jeddy…

I told my son that I had made a blend just for him.  We would apply it to his feet in the morning and when he got home from school I wanted him to tell me how he felt during the day.  That evening, for the first time, he actually came to me and ASKED for “that oil” because it made him feel better.  Truthfully, I was shocked but, thrilled too!  

After one week on his new blend, we had a Parent-Teacher conference.  Jed’s teacher told us that during the last week our son was a different kid in class, music to our ears!  We told her about essential oils and how we were using them for Jed, she was intrigued.  But wait, it gets better!  Because we were using an all natural treatment, we were given permission to send the blend with Jed to school everyday, in case he needed it.  But so far, a morning and after school application has been sufficient.

How to Apply:  Roll onto both feet liberally and massage in every morning and after school or, when needed.  After I apply the blend to Jed’s feet I put socks on so as not to bring attention from the other kids in class.  I also diffuse Lavender in his bedroom at night.

I’d like to share another success we’ve recently seen with this blend.  Not for Jed this time, his Dad!  

My husband suffered a work injury a year ago and is dealing with chronic pain, a side effect being anxiety and panic attacks.  The other night he woke with a severe panic attack, I grabbed Jeddy’s Blend for the strong calming oils and rubbed it on the back of my husband’s neck.  Within minutes, he was sound asleep and resting.

I do realize that purchasing all of the essential oils needed for Jeddy’s Blend is expensive, over $200 in fact.  If you’d like to purchase a sample before making this investment, I’d be happy to make a blend for you.

1/3 oz. glass roller bottle – $58 
1/6 oz. glass roller bottle – $28

{price includes shipping within the US – additional charge outside of US}

Please send an email to with any questions that you may have about Jeddy’s Blend and how to order.  

I can accept payment through PayPal to  Please note this is a non-refundable limited offer!


I love my son with all my heart and as a parent with a child who has struggled with ADHD I am TRULY grateful to have learned about PURE essential oils and how they can help my family.  Thank you for allowing me to share my story, please pay it forward by sharing with others in need!



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    Thanks for sharing! My daughter was just diagnosed with moderate ADHD, but unfortunately I can actually afford the medicine the doctor prescribes…I could never spend almost $60 on less than an ounce of liquid. :( THere should be a more affordable option for people who desperately want to use EOs but can’t afford them.

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      Angie, I happen to agree with you…it would be awesome if these oils were more affordable! I will point out though, that harvesting and producing a pure essential oil takes time, manpower, lab testing etc. They’re also without side effects, non addictive and safe.

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      In addition the roll will last months. I use one about that size and I have used it several times a day every day and it’s still going (almost full still). It’s been 2 months.

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    I appreciate this post so much! I have a son who is getting “the calls” right now. He has been labeled ADD, ADHD, ODD, and other frustrating things; all by well-meaning teachers or instructors without a medical diagnosis. I am unsure how to help him and have been trying another EO blend for about 1month. Our school however, requires a physician’s note to allow daytime administration.

    Dori says that the results were almost immediate, has he ever gone through a plateau where the blend was needed more frequently on a regular basis?

    To respond the a PP, I know the initial cost of these oils seems extravagant- especially when most insurances will not cover the cost. But, I will say that the $40-$60 investment you make will last your child a very decent amount of time. I have been using a similar blend on my son (2-3 times a day), shared the bottle with other friends/family, and still have more than 3/4 of the blend left. Not only that, but the blend does not come with any of the scary side effects, unpronounceable chemical ingredients, or pose any potential drug allergies/interactions. These benefits alone are enough to warrant my willingness to spend a little extra on treatments. If I can help him stay happy and healthy – naturally, it is all worth it in my book!

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      My son is ADHD/ODD (diagnosed, on medication and seeing 2 behavioral therapists), and as much as I would LOVE to try this for him, that’s a scary cost for something that might work. I agree with you that keeping to something natural instead of chemical sounds more comforting, and to be honest, his ADHD medication doesn’t do him a lot of good, that I’ve noticed. Especially when he’s hit a growth spurt (as he has now). Thankfully, the state I live in has state insurance for kids, and it covers all of the expenses, because otherwise there is no way my family could afford this.

      I’m also curious if there have been any “plateaus” with this blend. Does it just calm him, or help him focus as well? My son (on medication) does random stuff like… pour his milk into the dog’s water. He has no idea why he does it, and sometimes doesn’t even realize he’s done something because his mind is going one way and his body is going another. He’s also on medication that allows him to sleep at night, as well as taking Melatonin, because he has severe insomnia and can’t sleep without the medication (unless he’s REALLY sick).

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      I am not in this situation so am just guessing, but if you could get a Dr., counselor, school psych on board could EOs be prescribed and thus covered by insurance? I know some kinds will pay under those circumstances…

      Also personally know of kids who have had EOs written into their 504 or IEPs–would insurance pay then? Best of luck to everyone facing these hurdles, I understand the cost issue and have seen way too many kids out of control with ADHD etc, OR not ‘present’ due to being doped up with other meds… No easy answers…

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      Amen!!! The side effects alone of these drugs – watch the movie “Doctored” or “Medicine, Inc.” and you will think twice before medicating a child consistently. A natural, side-effect-free alternative is a Godsend.

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    I too was iffy about spending the money that it takes to get started/continue on with the EO’s. My daughter had some stuff going on that she was going to be on meds for the rest of her life which led me to looking into more natural remedies because of the side effects. SCARY side effects! When I first started with the EO’s I bought some that were not CPTG but much cheaper. Then I met up with Rebecca and she very nicely but sternly (THANK YOU Rebecca) explained to me the importance of healing naturally. So then I started on my DoTerra journey. Yes they are expensive (and I am a penny pincher BIG TIME) but SO worth the extra money. I use them for everything from cleaning to healing. They last a LONG time! I healed a bladder/UTI not long ago which usually takes 2 to 3 rounds of strong anti biotics, several trips to the dr, and then the obligatory meds for yeast infections from the anti biotics…3 to 4 days of the oils and it was GONE! Thankfully my daughters problems (lots of prayer, positive thinking and gratitude) turned out to not be but I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” and I believe that reason was to start me on this path. Awhile back someone posted on facebook (and I’m sorry I can’t remember where I saw it) the cost per drop of the oils…puts it in a way better perspective.

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      Hear, Hear on how worth it the oils are! We are also on a tight budget: mostly gas, food, rent & oils! I also used to get chronic bladder infections. (I’m seeing a naturopath & the diet change has also been helpful.) I would drive there in pain, wait in pain, pay for the visit, see the doctor, wait for a Rx, pay for the Rx while all the time the infection is getting worse! When I was on antibiotics & then it literally came back right after the course was finished I said, “All right, I’m looking for an oil antibiotic regimen.) I was able to take care of a bladder infection for about $8 at home & it didn’t come back! It’s also all about the “flu bomb.” I help people realize that if they can drop $30 for a co-pay without thinking about it then they can drop $30 for a bottle of On Guard.

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      YES! And that $30 for the On Guard lasts quite awhile, depending how you use it, where that $30 for doc lasts 5 minutes if you’re lucky and the doc isn’t busy!

      What kind of diet changes have you made? This last infection I had started with a change to a Paleo diet, too much protein I suppose! I can’t tell you how happy I was though when after 1 dose of oils I could pee again!!!

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    Thank you for your comment. I think everyone’s input on here is so important so we can all learn what is happening out there and the different stages of it. This blend not only helps Jeddy with being hyperactive but he went from not reading, not doing his homework, angry, disruptive, etc. Now he is as good a reader as his 2nd and 3rd grade sisters. He loves to read, he is excited about school, happy and top of his class in reading and writing. I am so proud of him. I understand what you mean that they do things that they don’t understand why they just did it. He still has his moments but that is the great part of these oils is that in addition to morning and night I can give him more if I need to. I also diffuse Lavender in his room at night while he is sleeping. I have not seen a plateus with Jed yet. He is still going strong and I can’t wait to see the results of how this is going to affect different children. Every child is different but the only way to really know if to give it a try. The oils in this blend are so beneficial in so many ways. Please let me know you have anymore questions. Thanks.

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      My son is ADHD among other “issues” and has been for a few years now. He has tried several western medicine – the last being $625.00 a month and it made things worst. I purchased Peaceful Child from Rebecca and I do believe it helps but he gets teased at school for the smell. It will not go to waste because I use it on myself to keep calmer for him. I am interested in your blend but would like to know what the smell compares to. Can you advice me on the smell? I know others are worried about the cost but other medicine are more expensive and not giving good results for us. I will keep trying!!

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    Dori…seriously, the school made him sign a legal document? A) He’s a minor and B)they’d be hearing from my lawyer. As a parent I do NOT release all rights to my child and I should have been informed BEFORE he signed it (sorry, that gets all up in my ‘mama gene’.
    That out of the way, that is fantastic and I am so very glad that you were able to figure this out for him.

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    This is wonderful information. I buy certified organic essential oils from a company local to me. but they don’t have the balance blend or serenity, do you know what is in those? I’d sure like to be able to make this from scratch with the ingredients I can get locally.

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      Balance – Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense.

      Serenity – Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang,Ylang, Sandalwood. (this is from Modern Essentials Fourth Edition)

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    Susie Q, I was furious!!!!! That principle is no longer there this year thank goodness. She got in lots of trouble. Just today Jed’s teacher told my husband when he picked him up that the oils are making a HUGE difference in Jed at school, HUGE! He is like a different kid she said. I want so badly to get this information out there so people know that there is an alternative worth trying.


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    While my son is only 3, we’ve already gone through 3 sitters with his behavior. We’ve seen a behavioral specialist & luckily have a VERY naturally minded pediatrician…Both suggested diet changes which have helped significantly but he still struggles (obviously given his age I’m less concerned with sitting still/concentrating but more concerned with the violent outbursts, uncontrollable emotions & extreme hyperactivity that usually results in injuries or broken toys!) He’s starting preschool next week & I’m getting anxious about how he’ll handle the change & of course his behavior. I just became a doTERRA consultant so I have 1 or 2 of those already but I’d be interested in trying your sample 1st…Is there anyway we could see a pic of the size of those 2 sample bottles? I’m terrible at visualizing these things…And math/quantities for that matter lol!!! Thanks for all the education & recipe blends that you guys provide. You were the inspiration to sign up as a consultant in the 1st place :)

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      Lindsey, I am so glad to hear that you signed up. Rebecca has been an inspiration to many including me. She is teaching so many people. I know as a mother how hard it is to deal with, it is hard on you and it is hard on him. This has really made a difference and it would be wonderful if you could find something before he starts school. If you would like to send me an email at I can send you a picture back of the bottles. These rollers go a long ways and last a while. It is hard to say how long because everyone uses it differently. I use it on Jed 2-3 times a day, my husband uses it and I use it as well. We have hardly made a dent in it. Please email me and if you want to purchase all you need to do is go to and click on send money, send it to Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I would be happy to answer them.

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    I have read all the posts and have to just add my 2 cents. My daughter is now 26 years old with 3 boys of her own and let me tell you, from the day that child was born I never got a minutes piece. She NEVER slept and I mean NEVER, from the day she was born. She would take a 10 minute nape with a death grip on my shirt, and god forbid if I broke that grip. She would stay up for 48 hours strait! When she got in school she made it to third grade before they just could no longer deal with her. I stood strong on the fact I would not put her on drugs. As a daughter of a mom that worked for a Dr, and was told all the side affects the meds would have on my child. They told me (public school mind you) I would have to find another school for her if I did not put her on meds. I told them they needed to get better teachers that were not so lazy and could handle a child like her. Against my better judgement and my mothers wishes I put her on there medication. Ridlyn, It did nothing for her but make her a zombie and sick all the time. They also put her on meds to help her sleep. By time she hit 14 she started spitting the pills out and refused to take them because they made her feel so bad. Did they tell you they also stunt their growth?! Yea my daughter was in 9th grade and 14 and I was still shopping at Oshkosh for her! She grew and developed boobs almost over night. Still having teen problems and attitude issues, I was talking to a coworker one day and my client over heard me. She worked for a behavioral institute that did testing for kids. She told me my daughter did not sound like she was ADD or ADHD at all, it sounded like she was bipolar! I had no idea what that was. I took her had her tested and she was Bipolar, boarder line turrets, OCD, ODD (had no idea what that was either, but NO ADD OR ADHD. They had been medicating her WRONG for 6 years because the Dr. just assumed she was ADHD from the schools analysis! Bottome line WE are the moms and have to do what is right for our child and their health against all odds. So if it cost a few more dollars up front to do it natural then so be it. I can tell you it will cost you a lot more in the long run with the meds, Dr.s appointments, and potential side affects like the liver shutting down. Also a change in diet is necessary. True ADD, ADHD children need a sugar free, gluten free diet. It cost a lot more to be healthy than to be unhealthy or everyone would eat healthy and not off the dollar menu at MacDonald! Your child depends on you to do the right thing for them and sometimes the Drs are not always right. They get kick backs from the drug companies. Do you really think they care what it has in it? NO!

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      Deaette, I can’t imagine what that must have been like for both of you. Thank you for your story, it just confirms why I am so determined to work with the schools and try to give these parents an alternative for their children. The schools are not doctors and they are so quick to say take a pill. I am grateful Jeddy hasn’t had to and I hope this will work as well for others as it has for him. I am so glad that they were able to find out what was really wrong with your daughter and I hope she is doing well. Thank you again for your information.

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    And when I say REFUSED to take her meds, I mean I use to sit on her, pin her to the ground, force her mouth open, and hold her nose until she swallowed. Now tell me who wants to go through that everyday? I sure didn’t, and it only made her hate me at the time. I would check her mouth to see if she swallowed it and she would STILL find a way to spit it out.

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    Balance – Spruce, Rosewood, Blue Tansy, Frankincense. Serenity – Lavender, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Ylang,Ylang, Sandalwood. (this is from Modern Essentials Fourth Edition)

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    I’ll be trying this soon since yesterday our pediatrician mentioned hyperfocus in relation to our 4 year old. She’s supposed to call me soon to discuss things. She mentioned a program, but once I searched at home I found that it’s only for those up to age 3 . We didn’t go into too much since it was actually our other child’s appointment, but it was based on our 4 year old’s previous appointments and her interaction with him on yesterday as well. My online research since then keeps linking the term hyperfocus and ADD or ADHD, so we’re not at all happy about that. I feel like it was meant for me to see the link for this post on FB yesterday after the appointment. Anyway, I do understand that different children may respond better to different blends, but I’m curious as to whether or not Dori tried The Peaceful Child Blend as well and had better results with Jeddy’s Blend? I will be mixing up Jeddy’s Blend since I already have almost all of those oils. I don’t believe that to be a coincidence any more than I believe seeing this post the same day as the appointment is a coincidence…Divine Intervention! Thank you Rebecca, Dori, and Jillee for all that you share!

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      I believe there are no coincidences as well. Dori actually uses the Peaceful Child blend for her daughter with Aspergers…it works wonderfully for her! Jed, however, didn’t respond as well as her daughter…he’s is much more hyperactive, extremely so. I can’t tell you what a difference this blend has made for the entire family…I’m just so grateful for her intuition and, these amazing, pure essential oils…doTERRA truly presented the world with a gift.

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and sharing the additional information. I am glad that she was able to find something that worked for both children. Hopefully one of these will be beneficial to us as well. I’m just awaiting the arrival of my Vetiver and Patchouli. I’ll likely buy the oils that I’m missing for the Peaceful Child blend on my next order since I’m building up my collection slowly but surely.

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      I’m building an EO collection myself and would love to make this also once I’ve added the few missing EO’s…Is the recipe, all equal parts? for the Jeddy’s Blend? Is it a combo of Balance & Serenity ?
      I LOVE your page! and I’m really enjoying some of your recipes and reading the extra wealth of knowledge shared by so many in the comments in each and every post! They are just as interesting as your blog posts and full of such terrific like minded ppl! Can’t get enough!

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    I shared this when your sister posted it. I would love to get the sample for my step-daughter to use on her two ADHD kids!!!! Thank, Dee

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    Thank you for sharing this. My son is 13 and has ADHD. We tried holistic treatments when he was younger and ended up resorting to pharmaceuticals because nothing else was working. He’s done well on them but I absolutely hate that my child is on a stimulant, there are so many negative effects of them.

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    I have an Aspie son who frequently struggles with anxiety and ADHD symptoms. I have been using other essential oil blends, including Peaceful Child and would love to try this one on him.

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    I was thinking about ordering a vial before committing to making my own concoction!!! Thanks for offering a giveaway. My son is ADHD and wasn’t functioning in the classroom so we pulled him out of school after the start of the new year and are homeschooling. It is rewarding and exhausting to homeschool. I have been using doTERRA oils for about 2 months now, I love them, but I have yet to find anything that profoundly works with him. Would love to try this!!!

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    I am a teacher in an elementary school. Over the years I have had many students who struggle with ADHD. This year is no exception. I have a student who seems to have a very severe case of ADHD. At parent-teacher conferences, the father and I discussed aromatherapy, and he was very open to it. I have to be extremely careful while talking to parents – and understandably so. I would love to be able to help students naturally with this unique blend (with parents’ permission, of course). Every student can learn, but some need a bit more TLC than others.

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    I have Misophonia, which is a relatively unheard of disorder that’s affected me since I was 11. Since I’ve bought a diffuser (from reading this and other blogs about EO’s!) I’ve noticed a difference in my tolerance and sensitivity to sound and other triggers! I hope a blend like this would be even more powerful and help me leave the house in a better state!

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    I am currently having some issues with my 2 daughters. One just can’t focus or sit still and the other can not handle any kind of change and has anxiety and gets upset just about everything. I am wondering if they should be evaluated and also if I should try something like this to see it would help! Thank you for sharing!

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    I am a mom to two teens…a 17yo boy and a 16yo girl…who both struggle with ADHD. I would like to try this blend with both of them.

    Thank you!

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    I struggle with an extreme lack of focus and currently sleep problems. I am not able to take medicine for focus because it interacts with my other medicines. I would love to try this to see if it helps my focus/concentration issues. I am a firm believer in EO for healing, etc. This blend is too expensive for me to make. Good Luck to all who enter the contest.

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    Excited about the giveaway. I feel like most of us have a touch of some sort of attention deficit issues. Society today makes it even worse with all the multi-tasking and electronic devices we keep up with.

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    Love this giveaway! Our family and extended family all have adhd issues. We have done the whole spectrum of medications offered by the doctors, and with terrible results. We are now trying other methods to help, and we would love to try this blend.

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    My issues we have with my nearly 7y.o. son have me very interested in EO in relation to what is likely ADD. He is so incredibly intelligent (reading and comprehending at a 4th grade level) but absolutely cannot stay quiet and has a really hard time focusing. His teacher is pretty understanding of who he is, but I know he distracts from the class and may end up with less understanding teachers in the future. My next step would be to get a DX and likely begin meds, but after hearing so much about EO I am so hopeful to try it with him. Figured trying to win it could be a good start! It is heartbreaking to hear my baby say he feels like a dummy because he does everything wrong. :-(

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    I’m wondering if the anxiety and panic attacks are a form of this? I have no idea because having anxiety but being a very shy person is also a very rough life. Clenching teeth and flexing muscles wears you out! Have done this all my life but have never thought it to be a disorder. Just thought it was me :( it would be so nice to name a calm body. Thank you for the chance!

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    My son is ADD. I am homeschooling and there are many days I would like to ship him off to the nearest military school! He can take hours to do is school work. He is in kindergarten!! He is one of the smartest kids I know but the disorganization in his little head collides with the disorganization in my own head (I also have mild ADD). The collision is nearly nuclear in proportion because I refuse to put either of us on medication! I would love to see what Jeddy’s blend could do for both of us!

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    My son has ADHD. It has a hard road for us. we decided not to medicate him because he if already struggling with the ADHD any cover it up. it is not a cure. we have tried to balance his diet and exercise. we decided to home school him this year and that has been an everyday struggle. i hope you pick me because i would love to try something that is healthy for him.

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    Thank you for sharing this oil I’m going to get it mixed up and see if it helps my son he hasn’t been dignosed with anything but he struggles in school so i was hoping that maybe it would help him better to focus and hyper down… Thanks so much…

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    I would love to get this for my Mother and Brothers, they suffer from ADD and I think this would greatly help. I am slowly ordering all the oils to make our own, but it would be wonderful to try it first. My little Brother has tried medication after medication, and nothing is working very well, he doesn’t eat during the week when he has his medication, he is getting so skinny! It would be nice to have something natural that would help him get through the school day and stay on task, without the side effect of not wanting to eat. I was so excited to find this post, and I am also excited to try some other recipes on here. Thank you for sharing all this fabulous things that we can use our amazing oils with!

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    My son started full-day K and had an exceptional year. The boy has a few quirks, but those were easily handled by his Kindergarten teacher. First grade was a much bigger challenge. My son was actually suspended (!) for not following directions & telling the teacher no. His ADD just wouldn’t allow him to concentrate and write. I spent his 1st grade year half celebrating his wonderful marks in Math and half crying from all the trips to the principal’s office. Second grade started off the same way. A huge challenge. We have reluctantly put him on an ADD medication and the way it helps him focus in school is unbelievable! The side effects are what were having a hard time with. His “ticks & quirks” are more pronounced with this medication and it causes his appetite to diminish. I would LOVE to find an all natural alternative to the horrible chemical cocktail that I’m putting into his body, just so he can be productive at school. Thanks!

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    Thank you for sharing your post. I am just starting into the world of essential oils and am very intrigued with everything they help with. I especially like to hear about blends that help with anxiety/panic attacks, since many of my family members have that, including my teenager daughter. It is a daily struggle for her and now that she is on her own, she doesn’t want to take the medicine prescribed by her doctor, but I’m hopeful I could get her to try something like this. Very encouraging post. Thank you!

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    My husband has PTSD and I am wondering if this would work for him. I also have a neighbor whose child could possibly benefit from this blend. Would love to try it and ind out.

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    I was told about this by my friend and told to come read it. I LOVE this. I have some siblings with ADHD that struggled. I know of some other littles that would benefit from a blend like this. I worked in a self contained autistic classroom and what I was told was for some of them ADHD was a factor, but all these oils combined…..I wonder how it would affect all of them.

    As for myself, I suffer from anxiety. For a long time I didn’t realize what it was, I kept thinking asthma attacks. After reading some other things I realized that was not the case. I had minor attacks and on some occasions relatively severe attacks. Having a blend like this, ready to use in an instant would be a huge blessing to anyone. I’m not a big fan of meds and will only go that route usually as a last resort. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.

    I’m betting it would also help my children one who seems to have sone anxiety himself and the other who seems to have a degree of insomnia. :-)

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    You description of your son is very similar to mt six year old Kage. A beautiful, smart, and loving little boy. He was suspend on his second day of Kindergarten. My heart broke to see my son so upset.

    Our prayers were answered when we found out about and occupational therapy clinic working with kids with behavior issues. The next week he was diagnosed with a disorder call Sensory Processing Disorder. The signs come across as ADD or ADHD but it is actually an issue with the wiring of the brain. Children with this condition are usually super intelligent and advanced in all areas, they get bored easily with repetition in learning because they get it the first time.

    He wants so badly to please everyone that he gets overly stimulated and then acts out. We also discovered the link between artificial food dyes and his behavior. Occupational Therapy seemed to work for awhile, but soon his behavior began to sour again. That is when I was introduce to EO’s.

    I haven’t had an opportunity to purchase the in tune yet, I have become an IPC, but the kit pretty much wiped out our budget till I can make some money off the oils. I would love to have your Jeddys Blend for Kage. I find myself teetering on the edge of madness when trying tackle our day while still making him feel loved and secure at the end of the day. I feel with this blend there might be more good days than bad.

    Thank you for your time.–Cheyenne

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    I am starting to think that my (almost) 3 year old has ADHD. I’m a full time 24/7 mom of 2. I have felt trapped and like I am failing him lately. I tried the peaceful child blend but only noticed a small difference. I am hoping this would help more. We need it because I’m feeling like there is no light at the end of this tunnel

  36. says

    I sure wish I knew about this option when my children were young, having another option besides Ritalin, with all of its side effects. Thanks for posting this for others to be aware of an alternative. This will benefit my grandchildren, who deal with ADHD.
    I would love to win as I think this would help my hubby calm down. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  37. says

    I have a 10-yr-old that the school has been trying to get us medicate for years. I have resisted and instead tried diet changes, which has helped somewhat. He is currently in 3rd grade (we started him in Kindergarten at age 6 per advice from his preschool teacher who wisely advised us that he wasn’t ready at age 5 and then he is doing 3rd grade a second time this year, although he has a fantastic teacher and everyone involved in his school life has said he has vastly improved this year). Interestingly, his problems have never been behavioral (which I thank God for every day), but in lack of focus, inability to concentrate for long periods of time and a general disdain for anything academic. He’s a wonderful little boy, though, has lots of friends, compassionate, kind. He’s a worrier, though, and has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, although we have chosen not to medicate for this. Reading above that this blend may help with anxiety makes me interested in trying it for him. Thanks for the post!

  38. says

    I have a 12 year old son who is brilliant but has failed miserably at school for all of 6th grade and all of this year so far. He has some sort of a learning disability and we are struggling to figure out what it is. He does not disturb anyone but can get lost in his own head for the entire day. I absolutely do NOT want to medicate him! I am so tired of medicine in our lives and would LOVE to try this blend for him! I hope that it would also be the miracle we have been praying for. I know if he could harness his thinking and focus he could be the next Bill Gates!!

  39. says

    I’m learning a lot from both you and your sister post! I recently bought a diffuser and trying a lavender oil. Love it! I’m going to try the balance blend and the Breath blend in my diffuser next. I just purchased the Jeddy’s blend for my grandson and hope it helps so that they don’t put him on meds! Would love to win the giveaway also!
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Atta Girls! 😉

  40. says

    This sounds like such a wonderful alternative to prescription drugs! Thanks for sharing this story and for the giveaway opportunity!

  41. says

    I cannot wait to try this blend. I am a huge believer and a huge fan of Essential Oils and the many cures they can bring. Thanks for sharing this great recipe!

  42. says

    Anxiety runs rampant in my family, as well! Oh my, I would LOVE to try this! I also have a 10 year old niece that would greatly benefit!! I would buy it myself but I’m still unemployed & struggling financially. Thank you, Dori , for the chance to win one of these! You and Rebecca are amazing! My hope is to become a consultant one day soon… when money allows. Many thanks!!

  43. says

    I’m not sure what my four year old has. My husband is sure he has ADHD. But I am thinking more and more that he might actually be bi-polar. He has anger and emotional issues. He seems to be angry and mean all the time. Which makes it really hard for him in a classroom setting. We’ve tried many different techniques, but nothing seems to change his behavior. We don’t know what to do to help him. It’s very hard to see him like this, but we don’t want to put him on medication if there are more natural methods out there that may help. I would LOVE to try this oil and see if it helps him at all. I know there’s a sweet boy in there somewhere.

    • says

      We had a blood test done on him a couple of years ago and everything came back fine except for a small allergy to dogs. But no, we’ve never tested him for food allergies. I’ve been wanting to do an elimination diet on him to figure that out on my own, but I just don’t know where to start. I don’t know what to feed him when we’ve taken everything out of his diet. I don’t want him to not get the nutrients he needs during that time.

  44. says

    My youngest daughter suffered with this and the way to fix it was through prescription drugs offered by her peditricians. I as her mother would not medicate her and we worked very hard to help her learn in ways that others didn’t have to. Her sister was gifted intelligence wise and was a big help in being patient beyond words. We also got involved in gymnastics,softball league(until she was 15) and many activities to burn off in healthy ways all of her excess energy. It didn’t help much that my children’s father took his own life and Jaime refused to go to school because she thought I would die while she was there. The school surprisingly worked with us to plan a method of teaching for her. She is now a wife,mother of three and a fabulous daughter who works full time and raises her family well. Her son,my grandson has Auditory Sensory Perception Disorder and she is using a lot of the techniques that worked for us. He can be quite the challenge but with patience,love and time he does great. He and I get along great because he knows that grandma and mom have had our problems with learning to and we try very hard to consider his feelings at all times. Also our youngest grandaughter has just a firsts grade teacher who sent home an evaluation sheet with unrealistic questions answered by her to determine that she needs to be considered ADD. She is a delight and so full of love and energy that she makes everyone smile. My oldest daughter refuses to medicate too. In our opinion these medications remove one of the most important parts of these children,their spirit. I also refused to label my child or grandchild with as a person with these disorders. They are first and foremost loving,kind,generous little human beings who should not be judged by a medical term. Thank you for all of the information that you share with us. Please excuse typo’s,I’m on an I-Pad at work .

  45. says

    Grrrr. I’ve tried posting here 2 times and it dissappears. So im shortening my post. :) I absolutely love this blend!!! I’ve tried peaceful child and it worked for a bit then it was back to the dark side for my 10 yo. He is a super smart, sweet, caring, adventurous boy. But when he isn’t on meds or natural meds, he is a terror. Very negative, mouthy, disrespectful. Can’t concentrate enough at school to even get 1 subject done. He was bringing home 3-4 hours of homework every night, because he just didnt get it done at school. Since we’ve been using this, Started on Tuesday, this week, he has had the BEST behavior reports and has only come home with the regular class homework. He even gets it done right after school! I hope it continues to work for him and Thank Heavens for Dori and Jeddy’s blend! We absolutely ♥♥♥ having out sweet boy back!

  46. says

    I forgot to say he was on meds from the time he was 5 for ADHD. they were changed so often, we compared it to changing our clothes! Again, I am so thankful for the makers of peaceful child and Jeddy’s Blend!! You are rock stars in my book!!

  47. says

    Would love to try this oil blend. I deal with anxiety and have found the Peaceful Child blend to be helpful. Also love Frankincense and Wild Orange together for anxiety.

  48. says

    I would love to try Jeddy’s Blend for our son. He is currently on ADHD medication and doing much better in school. He says he can “focus better” and that made me happy. We would, of course, prefer if he didn’t have to take mediation so I would love to try Jeddy’s Blend for him. I also have a problem with anxiety and panic disorder so would love to try it for myself. Love all of the tips and help you and your sisters share.

  49. says

    I’ve not had to experience this with my kids but I think I have ADD. I am constantly trying to do a half a dozen things at once and nothing ever get’s completed. I don’t plan it this way (ie multitasking) but it just happens. It also is seeming to get progressively worse with time.

  50. says

    I really want to try this! My 6 year old is having concentration issues. I LOVE his personality and spirit so I really really don’t want to jump to meds for fearofthem changing who he is.

  51. says

    Would love to try this!! My husband has chronic pain in his neck and back. Also would love to try it on my grandson. He has trouble in school.

  52. says

    I am a retired teacher who had so many parents I wished I could have shared this information with. A HUGE thank you to you and your sisters for getting out this info. If I was still in the classroom, I would keep a bottle handy for parents to try. Lot of comments directed negatively toward teachers, but usually we are hurting for the kids just as badly as the parents BUT our hands are tied by administrators (school, county,state) and lawmakers. We would love more than anything to have happy kiddos ready to learn in our classrooms–THAT is why we chose to become teachers…DEFINITEly not for the paycheck :/

  53. says

    What a great post. We have been using the Peaceful Child blend and it seems as though my busy boy peaked on it. I am going to alternate Jeddy ‘s blend with it. I am hoping the patchouli will address some of his OCD issues.

  54. says

    This sounds very interesting! I suffer from ADD, Anxiety, panic attacks and depression. One son is on the autism spectrum, also suffers from anxiety, another has ADD and another has anxiety and anger issues.

  55. says

    I love the thought that I can manage the ADHD and anxiety without drugs! I’ve tried several different medications with varying side effects. I don’t know which was worse for me, the 96 hours without sleep, or the liver damage. Needless to say, I’m ready for a new approach. Hopefully, I can find a solution that won’t kill me.

  56. says

    I’m excited to try this blend on my 2 year old. She is very “active” :) and I just had a baby…her world has been turned upside down! With all the changes going on and the “terrible two’s” I’m looking for something to help her. I just ordered my patchouli and I have the rest of the oils and I’m excited to try this!

  57. says

    I am very interested in how this blend might be able to help my fiancé with panic attacks. He wants to know why you rub the oils on the neck or feet. We both need to understand better HOW the EOs work. Thank you for all the wonderful information.

  58. says

    I would love to win his blend for my nephew. He has severe ADHD and is 11 years old. He has a hard time focusing, paying attention, controlling his temper, sitting still, following instructions, etc. He often states that he would love to be “good” but that it is so hard. I would love to win this blend for him. He struggles at home, in school and in just about all areas of life. I have heard his ADHD referred to as “ring of fire ADHD”. Wish me luck on winning. He truly needs some help.

  59. says

    My youngest suffers from ADHD as well as Aspergers. It is a daily struggle and we try daily to cope with it. He struggles with school and teachers thinking he is a “bad kid” despite the diagnosis of both. I wish we could find a natural alternative to meds!

  60. says

    My Dad is a Veteran. He was injured and had back surgery about two years ago. He still has severe back pain. He also has nightmares about the war. He wakes up in tears and at times sweating and running out of breath. Do you think this would help? If not do you have any suggestions? He takes some heavy medications that mostly for pain. I feel he is just damaging his liver.

  61. says

    The day my son started kindergarten I began to wonder. 1st grade he was always the teacher’s example of how not to behave. In 2nd grade he started picking on others. At that point he was diagnosed with ADHD. Because of the intensity of his actions I opted for medicine. Four years later, he prefers having the medicine to nothing, but I’d LOVE to find a way for him to control his behaviors with essential oils. I’m so excited to hear someone has found a blend that works for them. I hope it will work for my son!

  62. says

    Wonderful story! I love the pictures of Jeddy, what a great kid he seems to be! Thank you so much for sharing your story and how you went about it. Best of luck to you and your family.

  63. says

    My stepson was diagnosed with ADHD a little over a year and a half ago and while my husband and I have changed his diet and worked on other behavioral needs we have hit a brick wall. Over the last 3 years he has almost had to repeat the school year, this year looks even less promising and it is breaking his heart. We do have him on ADHD medication but as he has grown the medication has also increased, 3 times and possibly a 4th if his doctor does not think things have improved. He feels singled out in class and at the same time ignored by his teacher when he does try or show interest in the subject. I told my husband about this and I will probably be getting some no matter what, it is worth trying and hoping for!

  64. says

    I am new to this blog – I’m so glad I was introduced to it! I have anxiety and would love to try this blend. I I have always been prone to anxiety but after spending 18 months in South Africa it has gotten much worse. Sometimes the anxiety is paralyzing. I have found that doTerra’s lifelong vitality pack has helped so much. I definitely notice when I don’t take them.

    Thank you for this chance to win!

  65. says

    ADHD/ADD is something I’ve just started to read and learn about. I feel like our son has many ADD symptoms and I would so much prefer to try something natural with him. I read your sisters post about this and was instantly interested. I can’t wait to try it.

  66. says

    My son is 10 yrs old in the 3rd grade and had struggled his very day of kindergarten. The teachers had two lists of the things he did that were not normal behavior.

    It killed me to have to go to his pediatrician and be told he had ADHD and needed to be on medication.

    I think I was like what thats other options?!

    Still feel this way. I believe with the medicine he is missing out on a lot of things in life..The medicine bogs him down but he is still full of life. He is doing great in school but his anxiety and lack of energy to really do normal activities like going outside to play are non existent. He is very slim/slender but not super boney.

    My son also seems to have major bowel irregularity. I am concerned that while he is still on the ADHD medicine is this safe to use?? My email is

    I would love to get a reply back. Tomorrow I just might go to the local Aromatherapy shop and purchase these for the blend.

    I have anxiety attacks and think it might help me out too.

    For the list of EO’s to use in the balance and serenity blends how many of each EO is recommended??

    Thank you so much and I cannot wait to hear from you!!


    • says

      Jennie, this blend is comprised exclusively with doTERRA (pure) essential oils. I can’t recommend that you try blending EOs by any other company as I have no knowledge of their reliability. Please take some time to research these EOs by doTERRA, I highly recommend them and trust their purity and potency.

  67. says

    Not sure if you’re still doing the giveaway but, I’d love to win! My 8 yr old son was diagnosed last year with ADHD. We’ve tested him for Celiac & Thyroid issues-both came back negative. He’s so sweet, cares about every one and everything but CANNOT sit still and gets inappropriately silly. He’s been one of my greatest joys. We tried a non-stimulant (intuniv) with him last year and had a horrible experience- my sweet boy turned into a violent, easily set off child. It was scary! We took him off it as fast as we could. Our doctor recommended a vitamin regiment instead of traditional medication. It’s helped but, not as well as we hoped. I’d love to give something natural a try but, I’d hate to spend the money on something that may not work. We have a 3 year old that they suspect has ADHD as well but, can’t diagnose her yet. It’d be great to have something that works for both of them.

  68. says

    My daughter has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. We see a lot of symptoms similar to anxiety and ADHD. I am new to the natural approach since they have just started to talk about medication and I really want to avoid that if possible. I let the doctor put her on singular for severe post nasal drip. I regretted it immediately because her behavior and chronic constipation got worse and it had zero effect on the insomnia which was supposed to be a side benefit. I came across this article today on Pinterest and went to Google…talk about overwhelming. Any suggestions about where to start researching?

  69. says

    I was reading about a give away but I don’t see anything about it. Has the give away ended. I am new to Essential Oils and trying to learn everything I can because over the past 10 years I have had nothing but one health issue after another and I am now disabled and modern medicine is doing absolutely nothing to help me. I have decided to try and cut out as many chemicals as I possibly can. It’s weird to me but people actually look at me like I am crazy when I start talking about it. I really wish I had something like this for my daughter. I red a post on here about someone pinning their child down and the child still finding a way to spit the medicine out. That was my life for several years. My daughter refused to be labeled and wouldn’t accept that she needed medication. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety now which is brought on my my health problems. I would love to get some information from knowledgeable people on where to start. I have made my own laundry detergents cleaning products and things like that but I am not sure how to use the oils to treat my depression. Also I would love to enter the give away for my grandson.

  70. says

    I do have several of these oils but I didn’t buy any from doTERRA and I can’t afford to get the rest right now but am pinching some pennies. I am not sure if the ones I bought are good enough as now I am hearing that some places might not actually sell true essential oils. Can anyone point me in the direction of someone that would be willing to help me understand. I am reading my first book about oils. My grandson took my ipad home with him tonight so I can’t give the name of the book.

  71. says

    can’t thank you enough for sharing Jeddy’s Blend with all of us parents who did not know about it and want an alternative way to treat ADD/ADHD. This has helped my grandson so much. Can’t thank you enough. Kathy Harrison Shea

    • says

      Thanks Katie, and thank you for your comments so others can know there just might be a better way for their children to manage ADHD. Please pass it on!

  72. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this info! I have been looking for alternatives for my son who is on ADD meds. I hate giving it to him but it helps me focus and do better in his life. As soon as I am able I will purchase the sample and see how he does. Thank you again for providing a better option for my son!
    I was wondering, do you happen to know if there is information out there that would help with Absence seizures? My son also takes medicine for seizures and I want to find an alternative. Since it has to do with the neurons and senses, I am wondering if there might be essential oils that would help? Just a thought.
    Thanks in advance.
    Shelley McBeath

  73. says

    I was wondering if this would work for older people. My husband has ADHD and is currently on medication for it as he can not focus without his medicine.


  74. says

    I too found the solution to my son’s behavior through Essential oils! I use Balance and inTune with him every day and it works wonders. He was on meds that kept him up at night and he lost his appetite. I was so worried about him. They gave him meds to help him sleep and I hated giving my 10 year old Blood Pressure meds to help him sleep. So I turned to doTERRA. I love the oils and they do a better job than the meds ever did. As for the cost, it’s cheaper than a dr.’s appointment every month to get the refill approved, and the prescriptions. I have been on the same two bottles for over a month now and am a little over half used up. I would rather pay the $60 every couple months than all the drs bills. And it’s not “habit forming” nor will it kill half the organs in his little body. I don’t know why someone wouldn’t at least consider EO’s as an option.

  75. says

    I just poured my heart out and had to reset my password yet again
    I would love the opportunity to try this on my 5 yr old turning 6 to see if it makea a differerence in her learning ability

  76. says

    I just ordered, I am super excited to try this. My son is Bipolar with comorbid diagnoses of ADHD, ODD, OCD & Aspergers. We have gotten the symptoms of his bipolar mostly under control with other essential oils and natural lithium and fish oil, but we have struggled to find something that really helps his adhd symptoms. We even tried actual prescription meds for the adhd and they made him extremely violent, like I have never seen before. I won’t go that route again!! I really really hope this will help him. He is in 4th grade and every school day is a struggle, he can barely focus on anything, and is probably going to have to redo 4th grade math next year. Thank you for sharing your story and your secret with us.

  77. Blia says

    Is this still available for purchase? I’d like to see if this will work for my fiance. He was diagnosed with ADHD about two years ago and it has completely changed him in many ways, but I think his self-esteem has been hit the hardest. I’d like to try out your 1/6oz roller ball if you’re still offering it. Please let me know. Thanks.

  78. Karrie Smith says

    wow this is awesome. I have recently found out about essential oils and herbs (like 2 weeks ago), and I have been wanting to research them thoroughly.

    For the person that was complaining about the price: After THOROUGHLY researching what herbs you need, you have the buy ALL the equipment that goes into growing plants. For the oils, you have to grow a plant, feed and water the plant, make sure it has sunlight and grows, harvest a plant, take the oils out of the plant, put them in a bottle, and mix them with other oils. It’s more of an art than a science. For $60 a bottle, I think you are getting an incredible deal. I’m a Registered Nurse and i WILL go there, and give my personal opinions. However, I’m not a doctor, and I can NOT prescribe or give advice on what you should do.

    ***ANY ADD and any other label, is prescribed an AMPHETAMINE. A popular drug taken to get high before it was found useful for this condition. It is a few molecules away from METH. It’s in the same family, and does the SAME thing. However, it’s not as strong, unless you take a very high dose. For a person NOT prescribed, it WILL make you high at any dose. You become very hyper, feel your heart beating funny, breathe heavy, and feel like you HAVE to clean the house, but become very distracted by anything. At times you become super focused on something, like picking the pimples on your skin for hours. (which is common in users), or peeling every single bit of wallpaper from the wall. Weird stuff that HAS to be done.

    1. I grew up a couple years older than the first bout of kids that have taken stimulants for ADD. These are kids that grew up in Ann Arbor and go to UofM. SUPER SMART KIDS. EVERY single one of them has abused their medication, and other drugs. It IS a gateway drug, in my opinion. Other kids will ask the patient for their meds, and pay a lot of money for them. For a high dose, you can charge $20/pill. I know because my best friend has severe ADD. He has been addicted to meth, and has dabbled in every other drug that i know of. The thing is, he is super intelligent. Most of the kids are very intelligent that take meds, so they don’t see a problem with experiencing with other meds. Especially in families that choose to deny the fact that schools are mini-pharmacies if you talk to the right people. If you don’t put it in their head as soon as they can comprehend the fact of what a medication is, and you don’t say anything, then it’s NOT a problem for them when they grow up. They will find these other drugs give them a better feeling, than the meds they are on,. A person with ADD, NEEDS stimulants to calm them down. So meth and cocaine and other uppers, will calm them down and mellow them out. So they are super tweaked out AND have a feeling of being mellow at the same time. I guess it’s like smoking pot or take an anti-anxiety pill for people without it.

    2. I believe that autism is a SECONDARY symptom. It is NOT the brain that is the problem. The problem is somewhere in the gut. In the last few years, the medical community has taken a closer look at the gut (probiotics), and realize how important it is. When the patient is put on a gluten-free diet, and removes ALL processed foods from their diet, their symptoms get better. Whatever is going on in the gut, affects the brain. Autism is not a neurological problem. The real problem is in the gut, and it affects the brain. Again, my opinion. I DO NOT think it’s caused by vaccines. People have been getting the same vaccinations (and they had way worse chemicals back in the day) for centuries, and autism showed up in the late 90s. I saw an article yesterday that suggests it starts in the womb. In fact, the world’s population would be nowhere this big without vaccinations. Remember, antibiotics were discovered only in the 1950s. Perhaps, it is the overuse of antibiotics that changes flora in the stomach and gut that has caused autism?

    3. Essential oils and herbs were the only things that alleviated the symptoms of flues and colds and other ailments before the 1950s. When researched thoroughly, and discussing these with your doctor and NOT taking ANY kind of medication unless discussed with your Dr, the oils/herbs are safer without the addicting side effects, most of the time. This is Eastern medication. Western medication is all about solving the problem with a pill, and dealing with the side effects to the general public, when they find out the problems 5 years later. Oils and herbs have been used and studied before Jesus was born.

    A bottle of Ritalin or whatever brand you buy, costs way more than what the oils will do. I KNOW these medications are addictive. Plus, if kids are already taking a medication that alters their moods, because they “have to”, they are more likely to experiment with other “medication”. Pills are safe for them. So taking opiates, eating marijuana products, benzodiazepines, and stronger amphetamines, aren’t really that scary, because that’s what they already do.

    This is awesome. I would love to learn what is in it.


  1. […] I am not going to take sides on the ADHD controversial wall but I have been asked to share this Essential oil recipe. This blend of oils, which not only helped one woman but has many more praising it’s Natural ability. Check out the full article as well as details on where to get this. You can try it out from as little as $28 per bottle. Full Story can be seen here. […]

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