Plantar Fasciitis is a Pain!

No, it’s not a wart.

Plantar Fasciitis was a plague over the summer, a plague!  I do admit it was my fault, I spent too much time in flip flops or barefoot on tile floors.  My feet are happiest in a pair of hiking boots with foot beds so summertime is always a rude awakening for them. Short of donning hiking boots in the middle of summer, I did manage to find a few things that worked for me.

First and foremost…

I had to say goodbye to “carefree days” in flip flops.

I also tried to remember to stretch my calves often, especially first thing in the morning, this helped immensely!

Plantar Fasciitis can be debilitating, making it difficult to stand too long or walk very far. It’s a painful inflammatory process of the plantar fascia which is a thick connective tissue that starts at the heel bone and runs along the sole of the foot to the toes.  

   When the plantar fascia gets inflamed, yowsers!

Along with a better choice of footwear and stretching I used an EO protocol that helped so much!  The protocol is simple but you need to be consistent to get results!

1 drop Lemongrass {tendon/ligament repair}
1 drop Birch {pain relief}
1 drop White Fir {inflammation}

….with little carrier oil for a nice application massage.

I layered these EOs, meaning:  I applied Lemongrass on the painful area first, followed by Birch then drove the EOs in with White Fir and placed a hot compress over the area for 10 minutes. Divine!  I didn’t always have time for a hot compress, but it does speed the healing along.

~ Apply EOs first thing in the morning then stretch the calf muscles well, toes pointed upward.

~ Apply again after work if needed and before bed, this is a great time to use a hot compress, it’s very relaxing this time of day.

You should see results in 2 weeks if you’re consistent.  But in the meantime, the EOs will also help manage the pain :)

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  1. says

    So true!!! I had it torn two years ago, and it never come back to what it was and never will be. But anyway it seems like a nice way to relax and ease the pain. Thanks for the tips!!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for this post today. I suffered from plantar fasciitis for 3 years. I sought any treatments, including having my foot strapped up. It almost drove me to despair. I cannot wear flip flops now either. I did the foot and calf stretches and eventually the pain left. I still feel a tenderness there at times. My job entails walking a lot so I am always aware! This tip/recipe today is a blessing. Thankyou so much for addressing this very common problem and sharing with us all. Sandra in NZ

  3. says

    I am actually using those same EOs for my peripheral neuropathy + Plantar Fasciitis. They worked so well that I made a salve with them and I apply it religiously every night. As you say, that, plus regular stretching and supportive shoes goes a long way. I was tired of walking like a penguin and now it is so much easier to crawl out of bed.

  4. says

    Hi Rebecca, my sister suffers from plantar faciitis and has had to have surgery. I am was wondering if creating a roller bottle with this mix in it would be as helpful as you describe? My sister is not a user of EO’s and I don’t think she would apply them individually.

  5. says

    I have been diagnosed with PF today and am on anti-inflammatory meds. I will try the EO’s you have listed, probably make a blend and se ( better than not at all- as you say)
    Do you recommend any particular brand of walking/ gym shoes?

    • says

      Manasi I was told about superfeet insoles, and luckily a shoe store in my area sold them and had someone on staff who knew how to suggest them for my plantar fasciitis…helped immensely! Can check on amazon…I think at the time mine were the blue ones lol but was a few yrs ago so I’m much better…I also find many of the Naturalizer shoes support my feet now and I have minimal issues these days!

    • Lachell says

      I had a bad case a few years ago. I found out that Crocs sells a couple of designs under the Crocs Rx label and they helped so much the pain was gone in less than two months and it has never come back. I only wear Crocs flip flops now (they have arch support) and some of their other sandal styles. Never thought I’d be a Crocs girl, but they saved me from PF pain.

  6. Angela B. says

    How many drops of each would you add to a 4 oz. jar of naked salve? I’m trying to make this for my husbands PF pain, but I’m not sure how many drops of each a jar should have.

  7. says

    Q: Do you apply carrier oil to foot first, then add each layer/drop of essential oil? Or a certain ratio of carrier oil to each drop? Lemme know!

    • Rebecca says

      You would want to add the carrier oil to the EOs, then apply. The bottoms of your feet aren’t very sensitive therefore there’s no need for a heavy dilution. Just a drop or two of carrier oil or a small finger full of Naked Salve will do.

  8. Kat says


    I just developed PF yesterday and *knew* that you or your sister would have a blog post! Here’s my question: I’m taping my foot to help support the fascia. Since kinesio tape can stay on for up to three days, how can I follow the oil protocol? Do you think the oils would absorb thru the (cloth) tape, or would it be ok to apply the oils to either side of the 1″ strip?

    Thanks so much!

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