Essential Oils for the Potting Bench


I’ve been eyeing my potting bench stacked high with empty pots, itching to get organized!  Part of my Spring routine includes stocking up on a few key EOs believe it or not.  Not only are pure essential oils amazing tools for wellness, great in the laundry and super for all those DIY cleaners we love, they’re perfect for treating plant maladies like fungus and repelling pests…organically.

If you’re lucky enough to have a potting bench, you’re lucky enough!


A potting bench is the perfect place to create artsy flower pots, mix up organic potions for healthy plants and a great place to keep an ice cold drink within reach.  If you don’t have a potting bench, build one!  Ours is built from old remodel bits and pieces, but that just adds to it’s charm.  It’s messy creativity personified and I LOVE it!


Controlling flying pests in the home or the backyard/barnyard can make or break  a good BBQ.  Flies and wasps are the enemy when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors in warm weather.  One of my favorite tricks and tips is to diffuse Peppermint near any door that people are coming in or out of.  It actually acts as an invisible curtain to keep flies out of the house.  Peppermint is of course a natural insect (and Bart) repellent plus it smells good.



Most of us have one of these somewhere, check the garage!  Buy a new one and dedicate it’s use to only ESSENTIAL OILS, in fact…get a big permanent marker and write it on the side so it’s never used with fertilizer or pesticides. I have several, one of my sprayers is dedicated to “manure tea” use only but that’s another blog post and I’ve attached the link at the end of the EO Teas list!

BASIC EO GARDEN TEA with variations:

Add 10 drops of each pure essential oil to an empty sprayer, attach to hose and fill with water.

ANTS:  Peppermint


MOSQUITO:  Lemongrass

FLIES:  Peppermint or Lavender

GNATS:  Spearmint or Patchouli

MOTHS:  Spearmint, Lavender or Peppermint

SLUGS:  Patchouli

TICKS:  Lemongrass, Thyme

WHITE FLY:  Lavender

APHIDS:  Peppermint

CATERPILLARS:  Spearmint or Peppermint

DEER:  Manure Tea



Our Wyoming backyard in late Spring (before Bart & Frank that is)

1 cw round 150



  1. Karen says

    Praise the Potting Bench and AMEN to EO’S in the garden. How did we ever survive without them? So happy you’re back in the garden…almost :)

  2. Tracy says

    This is just the perfect post as I begin to plan for this years’ garden! Last year I used a mix of lemongrass & lavender to help keep the ticks away from the dogs (and us humans!) and it did help some. I will try adding the thyme this year. I have a potting shed & the wasps are a huge problem. Will work on solving that problem this year. A neighbor raises bees though so don’t want to harm them – the honey is just too delicious!

  3. Loretta says

    Does the manure tea keep the DEER FROM EATING the flowers, plants..etc? If so, do you have a remedy for rabbits & squirrels? They eat all my hostas, pansies & any other flower/plants I put in!!!

  4. says

    oh thank you thank you. we don’t use any chemicals on our garden and boy those little bugs can drive you crazy. i’m excited to give it a whirl. thanks again.

  5. Jennifer says

    Do you ever use Neem oil?? We started using it for fleas and mites for our dog and found that it was good for lots of things from pests to skin conditions and its pretty dang cheap. Im even considering ordering a couple of Neem tree saplings. I’ve read that we can feed a leaf every once in a while to the dog to help keep the fleas etc off her. We got 10 oz of 70% Neem oil from Home Depot in the garden department for less than $9 and dilute it to the strenght for what we need. I had never heard of it before about a month ago.

  6. Maryy says

    Peppermint oil works like magic to repel sugar ants from coming inside the house. Just put a few drops on the threshold or on the rug outside your door and watch them run the opposite direction! You may have to renew each day. Thankfully, peppermint EO is inexpensive.

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