Peppermint Steamer Blend for Floors


Welcome to Springtime and creepy crawlies waking up in your house!  We’re battling ants right now, in the bathroom of all places.  They like the bits of coconut oil that fall on the floor when I’m trying to moisturize with cold, crumbly coconut oil and, a dead moth under my bathroom cabinet yuck!!  I have a weapon though, it’s clean, green and smells like heaven:  Peppermint essential oil {that’s not really oily at all}.

Several years ago I invested in a floor steamer, have you seen these?  If you have tile or linoleum floors you’ll LOVE this time saving, deep cleaning appliance. Steam sanitizing dissolves sticky messes but best of all, it requires NO chemicals! Europeans have been privy to this planet friendly method of home keeping for decades, the U.S. is just catching on.  Note:  Using essential oils in a steamer can etch the plastic water tank from the inside so if you love the look of the clear sheen, steer away from adding essential oils to your steamer.


Back to the business of home keeping and keeping bugs at bay…

In case you didn’t know this, pure Peppermint essential oil is a natural nightmare to pests like ants, spiders and mice.  Isn’t that great?!  Put away the toxic pest control and bring pure essential oils into your home. I’m telling you, they can be every bit as effective without the harmful effects of chemical laden pest control.  Peppermint essential oil won’t kill pests, but it will repel them.

Please note:  If you don’t have a floor steamer (yet), adapt the recipe to a large spray bottle.  Spray one area at a time with Peppermint Steamer Blend and mop, moving on the next area until finished.

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Peppermint Steamer Blend for Floors
Clean your floors and repel ants, spiders and mice at the same time!
Recipe type: Peppermint Steamer Blend for Floors
  • 15 drops of pure Peppermint essential oil (pure is non-oily)
  • ¼ teaspoon of dish soap or 1 tablespoon white vinegar
  • {dish soap or white vinegar will emulsify the essential oil in the water}
  1. Floor Steamer: Fill water tank to the water line.
  2. Shake gently to blend.
  3. Adapt for 1 quart spray bottle application by doubling the essential oil and soap or white vinegar.


I can’t tell you how great your kitchen and bathrooms will smell after you clean them with this blend!  You’ll smile as you breathe in clean air rather than toxic bug spray. Truly, this is such a time saver!  Clean floors with natural bug repelling properties is a winner in my book.  Okay, now the question bears asking:  How can I keep the repelling benefits of Peppermint fresh until the next mopping?


I call these, Peppermint Patties…

Drip 4 drops of Peppermint essential oil on simple cosmetic puffs or cotton balls and place strategically in the house.  Keep away from cats, they have a harder time assimilating pure essential oils and can be toxic to our feline friends.  Make sure they’re out of reach of crawling toddlers too, they’ll be attracted to the smell.  Cotton puffs or balls could be a choking hazard.

Of course, you can change the essential oil in the blend to anything you so desire!  If you’re not dealing with ants, spiders or mice use Lavender or Patchouli.   Oh my!

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    • Rebecca says

      I would try a test section first and let them decide. It won’t hurt them it’s whether or not they’ll like the aroma :)

  1. Dawn says

    Thanks for sharing this great idea! I love both yours and your sister’s sites. I am new to the world of EOs and am now experimenting and beginning to use many of your recommendations. I look forward to trying this one too. Do you know if this is also okay to use on wood floors?

    • Rebecca says

      I don’t think I would risk it with wood. I have steamed my would flooring however and according to the steamer manufacturer it’s a safe practice but the vinegar or soap in the blend makes me hesitate to say yes.

    • Grannie_4_7 says

      In Florida, the pests never stop their onslaught. I can’t wait to try this!

      We have some spiders that I’m going to introduce to this TODAY! Go Away Spray sounds great!

      Any idea if it discourages fleas? Mid summer they can be a problem.

  2. Mary says

    I’ve become a regular customer at Spark Naturals since I started reading your and Jillee’s blogs :) I’ve tried just dripping peppermint EO on the floor in my bathroom before steaming the floor. Boy, did it smell wonderful in there! I love your recipe for putting the EO in the tank with the water. I’ll mix up a batch for the whole house. Thanks.

  3. Jill says

    So you can put essential oils in a stream mop. Do you mind sharing what steam mop you use and where to get it?

    • Rebecca says

      Yes, on occasion. I don’t add EOs every time but for a deep clean, deodorizer or pest control I do :)

      I bought mine 3 yrs ago on QVC, 5 easy payments! Haha

    • Rebecca says

      If it were a citrus EO I would say definitely not. Peppermint may be ok but, I would suggest you clean a test area first and watch how your cat reacts. This is a personal decision however, I know many people that use (pure) EOs safely with a cat in the house. Use extreme caution with citrus EOs though, these are toxic to cats.

  4. alise says

    So because the vinegar or soap emulsifies the EO it’s ok in the steam cleaner? You are saying not to put the oil with only water? Thanks!

    • Rebecca says

      If you only add to water, without an emulsifier, the essential oil will sit on top of the water in the steamers water reservoir. You’ll need the emulsifier for best performance :)

      • alise says

        Ok, I had to reread it. You’re saying the oil will leave marks in the plastic water tank so if want the take to look clean and clear don’t use them. I wasn’t completely understanding. I thought you were warning against using EOs because they can damage the tank and then telling us all about using EOs. It’s only the aesthetic value that is diminished. The machine’s effectiveness isn’t bothered. Ok. I was just confused. :) Thanks!

  5. Gabi says

    I am planning to buy a steam mop but the one I like does not say anything about adding detergent or other stuff to the water reservoir. They actually say nothing is needed for cleaning but that is not the same as “do not use any soap or cleaning agent”. Is yours specifically allowing this? I’m thinking maybe it is not a big deal but I don’t want to damage the machine by using additives.


    • Rebecca says

      Gabo, I don’t add EOs and a tiny bit of soap every time I steam my floors, only on the occasions that I need a little something extra :)

    • Kelly McNamara says

      I was afraid that the EO’s could damage the inside of the machine…so I mix this up in a SPRAY BOTTLE and spray each section, and THEN use the steam mop. That way, the EO’s are never inside the machine and can’t break down any plastic pieces over time.

  6. Kendra Davidson says

    I am going to try this!! Where do you get the dropper tops for your bottles? i tried mixing your croupy formula for my little one and ended up with a mess when I tried to pour it straight from the bottle.

  7. Sarah says

    I have a Shark steam mop. I don’t put anything but distilled water in the tank, but I do put several drop of essential oil on the cleaning pad itself. That way I don’t have to worry about adding emulsifiers to the tank. It smells wonderful while cleaning and for a few hours afterward. Also, I love the new look of the blog!

  8. A.Marie says

    Oh my gosh….I just used this on my floor today but I used equal parts of eucalyptus and peppermint oil. My house smells AWESOME!!!

  9. Sarah says

    Great idea! I have a shark and have been told via the instructions AND a fried with experience, to never put anything other than water in the tank. Do you think this would work to just put the oil/vinegar mixture on the floor pad?

    • tiffany douglas says

      Hi Sarah,

      I have owned 2 sharks and the first one i lived by the directions. it still died. But i loved it. so i purchased a 2nd shark and I have used different homemade floor cleaners in it with no issues (almost 2yrs now). I always premix-nothing too sudzy or foamy. or i have also made the product and soaked the floor pads in the solution. i have had great sucess with both options and it always smells amazing!
      I am now fighting with the allmightly ant colony that lives to defy me! so this is on my list of things to try!
      Good Luck

      Thanks Rebecca!!!

  10. J. Campbell says

    Is it weird that this got me motivated to clean almost all of the floors in my house?? After I saw this post on pinterest this morning, I steam mopped the kitchen, dining room, hallways and bathrooms. Then I replaced the Pine-sol in my Rubbermaid Reveal mop with a bit of water, vinegar & peppermint oil and cleaned the laminate floors in my office, and THEN I mixed some peppermint oil with baking soda and sprinkled it all over the carpet in my living room, let it sit for a few, and vacuumed it up! My house smells great, thanks! :)

  11. Anne says

    Hi! I am so excited to try this! However, my steam mop specifically says to not add anything to it but water. I want to try your recipe anyway but am a little hesitant. Thoughts?

    • Rebecca says

      It’s definitely a “use at your own risk” if your manual states specifically NOT to use EOs. In my experience, steaming on occasion with a few drops of EOs in the water hasn’t been a problem.

  12. jen says

    I have a shark steam mop and have been using lavender oil (about 10 drops) right in the canister and have NEVER had a problem! :) I want to switch it up and try peppermint oil… I’m doing it now.. Midnight.. Haha can’t wait. Thanks for all the tips!!! :). Although I’m not brave enough to put dish soap in the canister.. If someone else has a shark steam, and has done this, how much have you used with how much EO? Thanks!!

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