Bullet Proof Lip Balm

Lip Balm

We haven’t addressed lip balm for a long time!  And that’s precisely how long Mike’s Bullet Proof Lip Balm has lasted, a long time!  My hubby is a funny guy, like most men he poo poo’s essential oils in public but then he’ll turn the table on me and ask for them in a totally nonchalant manner.  Men are strange.

Obviously, my astuteness is lacking because I never noticed that Mike was packing this tin in his pocket EVERYDAY for the last year and a half.  This very tin hailed from an old Lotion Bar post in early 2013 and looks like it too.  Unbeknownst to me my husband stole the blog prop and has been happily keeping his lips soft and cold sore free ever since! Two days ago, he presented me with the empty, battered repurposed tin you see above and announced he was out of the “bullet proof” lip stuff.  What the heck?  My practical hubby then proceeded to request a refill in the original, worn out mini Altoid tin of course.

Bullet Proof Lip BalmPhoto from original post – February 2013  :-)

In case you were wondering why (I did!) Mike referred to his lip balm as bullet proof…

He said it cured on coming cold sores in a flash, softened his Wyoming sunkissed parched lips, healed various scrapes and burns as well as a horse’s flesh wound nicely (elk hunt).  Ok, I was unaware of all this but I’m not surprised this lip balm did all of that. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, your salves, balms and blends are only as effective as the purity of all the ingredients.  Always, always invest in the purest of essential oils, coconut oil, beeswax and any other addition that you can find.  I will also add that Frankincense is a MAJOR player in the Bullet Proof Lip Balm for it’s renowned healing abilities, don’t scrimp here.  Peppermint gives that feeling of freshness, it tingles, tastes good, freshens breath and calms digestion. Peppermint is a “refrigerant” it has a cooling effect which acts as a pain reliever for headaches, sore muscles or sensitive gums.  Good stuff!

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Bullet Proof Lip Balm
  • ¼ cup organic coconut oil {this is my favorite brand}
  • ¼ cup beeswax pastilles
  • ¼ cup shea butter
  • Peppermint
  • Frankincense
  • mini tins or various lip balm pots
  1. Melt coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter slowly in double boiler or mason jar set in simmering water.
  2. Per mini altoid tin add 10 drops Peppermint and 3 drops Frankincense to tin then pour melted oil over the EOs. Some altoid tins may spring a leak but you can wipe the outside down after it cools easily enough. I can certainly vouch for this balms solidity, Mike's had this tin in his pants pocket everyday summer, fall, winter and spring!
  3. This recipe is going to fill at least a dozen mini altoid tins, be ready for that but what a great gift to pass out :)

Enjoy your Bullet Proof Lip Balm, it’s fun to make!  Share with friends and don’t forget the men in your life, this small gesture just might convince your guy that your zest to live a cleaner, healthier life pays off in a big way.

1 cw round 150


      • JanB says

        How? Do I just leave out the shea butter and add more beeswax and coconut oil to compensate – or just not use it in the recipe? Thankx!

        • Rebecca says

          Well, having never omitted the shea butter I would try the recipe as is just without the shea. That’s plenty of beeswax and should keep the balm stable.

          • JanB says

            Thank you so much :) purchasing shea butter online today to keep as a staple for your wonderful recipes!

  1. Kim says

    Rebecca, it shouldn’t B a problem to pore this wonderful mixture in lip gloss applicators, should it?!

  2. Kathy says

    If I want to use a container other than an altoid tin, what size (as in ounces) would be comperable? I want to make sure that my porportions stay correct. Thanks

  3. Danielle says


    You say it lasted him through the summer, how hot are we talking? I live in arizona and have been wanting to try your lib balm recipes but i’m afraid of it just completely melting and making a mess.

    • Rebecca says

      Danielle, apparently the lip balm stays stable in warm temps as my hubby always kept the tin in the front pocket of his jeans.

  4. Tracy says

    I can not believe that has never leaked on him! I’ve always wanted to recycle those adorable tins but steered away from anything that could turn into a liquid leaking form! I’m all over this recipe, now! Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Natalie says

    Would this balm work in chapstick tubes? I really want to switch to a natural lip balm, but I find the tubes so much more convenient.


  6. says

    Rebecca, I made your bullet proof lip balm. I love how it conditions the lips. Question: I really had a problem with getting the correct drops of the EO’s into each pot before adding the melted coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter. Any suggestions on how to control the drops? I get too many or not enough. Looking forward to giving this as gifts.
    Thanks in advance for your help with my question.

    • Rebecca says

      I like to use glass eye droppers for more control. Spark Naturals now sells droppers that fit 5 or 15 ml bottles

    • says

      Using a glass eyedroppper is a marvelous idea! I can hardly wait to make our next batch of lip balm. We shared it with family and a couple of neighbors…everyone had good things to say about this lip balm.
      What kind of shea butter did you use in your recipe?
      Rebecca, thanks in advance for your assistance with my question.

  7. April says

    My daughter has food allergies, blackened seasoning seems to be the culprit, which leaves her lips cracked from swelling and sensitive to the touch. Would the peppermint eo be to much for her? I haven’t used either of these eo’s but I’m anxious to try them. I’m trying to transition all my girls to natural lip balms. Is the frankincense eo the main healing ingredient, or the combination of all the above?
    Thank you for any help you can give me.

  8. Tia says

    I made this today and I love it! Made the healing salve and it didn’t turn out just right, but it was my fault and I’m using it anyway. The consistency is just not right. Now on to deodarant and armpit detox!

  9. Britani says

    Hi I am wandering if I can use the white fir in the lip balm and anti aging salve instead of the frankincense. Very new to eo but really am wanting to learn more. Love your website. Thank you. Britani

  10. Britani says

    Hi I am very new to eo’s and so far loving your website. I am wondering if I can use the White Fir instead of Frankincense oil in the lip balm and anti-aging salve? Thank you so much in advance.

    • Rebecca says

      Substituting White Fir for Frankincense in a lip balm or facial salve might be a little strong, but for topical pain relief it’s awesome. Frankincense is actually very, very gentle and regenerative, it also enhances any oil it’s combined with that’s why it’s a favorite of mine for skin applications :)

  11. Nichole says

    I plan on trying this recipe out tomorrow. One question, I saw the original lotion bar post and I was wondering, do you think this could be made using the same EO’s as your all purpose healing salve. I’ve made the salves before but the coconut oil always made them melt and make a mess. Do you think this would make a decent/workable base for it?

  12. Judy Moore says

    Love your Hubby story… My guy had a nasty large motorcycle exhaust burn on his wrist & I offered lavendar oil & within a minute , he said I do not feel it. He even asked for a sinus remedy & it worked! So he is seeing healthy remedies with Spark Natural Oils, which I diffuse daily. Thank you so much for all your posts & lessons! Love my oils!

  13. Lisa says

    Hello, love all your recipes. I ordered bees wax thru Amazon which was highly recommended. I made a lip balm but It tastes smokey. Any recommendations for a good bees wax? Thank you!

  14. says

    Husband was cooking beans with a new pressure cooker the exploded into his face, wrist and underside of arm! I keep lavender in window seal of kitchen along with frankincense and a few others. After he cleaned off the bean mess we put oils on with no pain to speak of as of today 3 days later no blistering! Being in medical field for 30 plus years this was easily at least 2 degree burns! Rebecca you are the one that sparked my interest in EO’s. Will be forever thankful and drug free cause of your writings! Thank you for saving us a trip to hospital:-))

  15. Renee says

    So excited to finally make this. My boys play college/high school baseball and spend a lot of time in the cold, wind, and sun. Their lips get so chapped. Can’t wait to give them a tin of this to keep in their baseball bags.

  16. Janina says

    Dear Rebecca,
    could I use soywax instead of beeswax? The bullet proof stuff sounds great an I’d like to try it, but I’m vegan…
    Thank you so much in advance

  17. -k | t. says

    I am new to your recipes but have made several and found them to be great! Frankly … i am amazed. And delighted, of course.

    I have purchased a one pound block of beeswax from a local beekeeper and would like to use that in your salve and balm recipes.

    Can you give a “by weight” conversion for those of use who have solid bulk beeswax?

    I know that a (dry) measure of 8 ounces is equal to 16 tablespoons, a dry quarter cup is equal to 4 tablespoons.

    How much would 1 dry cup (tared) of pastilles weigh in ounces and/or grams? From there, i can figure anything i need.

    Thank you so very much!

  18. Debora Cadene says

    Can’t wait to try this. How many drops of peppermint and frank for the entire recipie? On one of the pictures it says deodorant??? What all have you used this for???


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