Rosewater Body Sprays

Rosewater Body Sprays

There are few medicinal remedies that evoke a sense of beauty while healing, rosewater infused with EOs is one of them.  Happily, rosewater has made a comeback and there’s almost nothing this age old tonic can’t do.  Think C A L M when you use rosewater because that’s what rosewater does best, it calms inflammation, mood, skin tone and even puffy eyelids while it heals and moisturizes.

When I started using rosewater it was a no brainer to blend with therapeutic grade essential oils, you know me, I can’t leave well enough alone but my hunch was spot on. Used as a backdrop to blend with EOs in a body spray, you can create a holistic cocktail for your skin, mood and overall health.  Did I mention how moisturizing it is?  Remember, inflammation presents itself from the inside out and wreaks havoc on the body in a myriad of ways. Stay on top of it with an organic diet, good hydration and by using simple, non-toxic remedies that your body chemistry will recognize and utilize like rosewater and pure oils.

Best EOs for Rosewater Body Sprays







Note:  Add other oils to this list if you like but because Frankincense is a special kind of anti-inflammatory I feel it should be included in any blend especially if used as a deodorant near all those lymph nodes under the arms.  Frankincense and rosewater smell incredible together!  Which reminds me, the aromatic healing effects of a body spray are mind blowing and never cease to amaze me.  Breathing in the droplets may be just what you need to open nasal passages, a congested chest, soothe a cough and ease a headache.  How’s that for versatility?

Rosewater Body Sprays
  1. Add your choice of EOs to bottle and top the bottle with rosewater.
  2. Note: Add at least 4 drops of pure Frankincense to your blend of EOs for it's anti-inflammatory properties.

By the by, this is a good week to order Frankincense!  My favorite EO company, Spark Naturals has given us a price break on pure Frankincense for a limited time along with FREE shipping if you include a 5 or 15ml bottle of Frank in your order. Use coupon code: campwander at checkout and get a total of 20% off your bottle of Frankincense, 10% off everything else in your order Rosewater Body Sprays


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  1. Tamara says

    This looks very nice! I purchased some rosewater earlier this week and have been using it as a face spritzer so cool off my skin. It’s very hot and humid in the South, and I often need to feel refreshed. Rosewater definitely does the trick! I am going to add some essential oils. Thanks for sharing. Tamara :)

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