What To Do With The Flu


Influenza is here, and we're putting our essential oils to the test all over the country. Coming up, a helpful reference that you can turn to if heaven forbid, you need to know... what to do with the flu. ... { Continue Reading }

Make Your Own Body Spa Deodorant


Yet another DIY deodorant but oh what a luxuriously, healthy one!  This is the tried and true blend that I've settled in with beautifully.  A magnesium rich version that's enhanced with bio-chemistry friendly pure essential oils.  Simple, clean, chemical free and, so easy! ... { Continue Reading }

Family Friendly Expectorant


It’s been a long cold and flu season already and many of us have been fighting chest and nasal congestion.  I have a notion you know what I’m talking about, constant coughing and you still can’t get the mucus to loosen up and leave you alone, argh!!   It’s annoying and uncomfortable but not to worry, I have just the remedy that's safe for the whole family to try. ... { Continue Reading }

Eye Makeup Remover with Benefits


I'm about to share the BEST eye makeup remover yet!  Bold statement? Maybe but, when I explain the "what's in it and why" you'll want to make some too, at least I hope you will because your vision and fine lines just might thank you. ... { Continue Reading }

More Cold & Flu Bomb Recipes


All good things happen for a reason, so they say.  Over the Christmas holiday I was ambushed by an epic cold and the only good thing that came from it was this thought: share more Cold & Flu Bomb recipes because sometimes you have to mix it up! ... { Continue Reading }