Bullet Proof Lip Balm

Bullet Proof Lip Balm

We haven’t addressed lip balm for a long time!  And that’s precisely how long Mike’s Bullet Proof Lip Balm has lasted, a long time!  My hubby is a funny guy, like most men he poo poo’s essential oils in public but then he’ll turn the table on me and ask for them in a totally nonchalant manner.  Men are strange. { Continue Reading }

Soothing Serum for Psoriasis

Soothing Serum

This soothing serum includes a combination of essential oils that nourish the skin, scalp and hair.  Cedarwood and Patchouli among other things are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiseborrhoeic.  The sesquiterpenes found in Cedarwood also contribute to the medicinal value of the blend.  Psoriasis seems to respond particularly well to this EO and I like adding Patchouli ... { Continue Reading }

My Natural Mom & Newborn Checklist


We're on red alert here, our very pregnant daughter in Colorado is now past her due date. Tiffany has decided to have a home birth and I'm excited, a little nervous too but I support her choice. I made some of our favorite blends for the blessed event and want share them with you because many are great for the day to day stuff.  Well, short of packing the car and hitting ... { Continue Reading }

Kitchen Lavender & DIY Lavender Thieves Oil

Lavender in the Pantry

For all you seasoned essential oil users this will be a friendly reminder, for new essential oil users this could be the start of your own love affair with healing, natural alternative style!  Let's start in the kitchen, we all have one whether it's an outdoor camp kitchen or a stylish galley.  No matter what your kitchen looks like, there's a heat source somewhere and ... { Continue Reading }

Organic Blemish Peel with O!

Blemish Peel

Last year I bought a new car with a sunroof and life has changed as I knew it.  Not because of the added vitamin D in my day, but the natural light bath that showcases every nook, cranny and sunspot on my face.  The insensitive car salesman neglected to warn me that every time I pull the visor mirror down to check my face I would get the shock of my life... ... { Continue Reading }

Rosewater Body Sprays

Rosewater Body Spray

There are few medicinal remedies that evoke a sense of beauty while healing, rosewater infused with EOs is one of them.  Happily, rosewater has made a comeback and there's almost nothing this age old tonic can't do.  Think C A L M when you use rosewater because that's what rosewater does best, it calms inflammation, mood, skin tone and even puffy eyelids while it heals and ... { Continue Reading }

Mosquito Control with DIY Purify

mosquito control

The dog days of summer have arrived in Wyoming!  After a big winter our reservoirs are full and swollen rivers have left standing water EVERYWHERE.  Our mosquito problem is epic, even with widespread arial chemical warfare which basically is doing more harm than good.  On a smaller scale, we have an epic mosquito problem in our backyard due to a defunct pond that leaks but ... { Continue Reading }

13 Ways to Use DIY Purify Blend

DIY Purify

This blend is super versatile!  It disinfects and purifies while adding a clean, herbal, scent to anything it touches whether you're diffusing or applying topically.  It's anti-microbial properties lend a hand in the laundry room (think cloth diapers and hospital fatigues, on cutting boards and disinfecting countertops.  Yet, it's gentle enough to treat serious acne!  If ... { Continue Reading }

Rosemary Geranium Circulation Rub

Circulation Rub

I was having lunch with my sweet Mom and noticed a rather large gash on her forearm. There were broken blood vessels and just looked so sore and angry, all from bumping her arm against the kitchen countertop.  As my beautiful Mom ages her skin is getting thinner and more susceptible to amplified reactions from simple bumps.  Thin skin and slow healing can be a common ... { Continue Reading }