Pain Relief Remedies with Birch

Pain Relief Remedies with Birch

This week Spark Naturals is offering a special savings on a rare find, pure Birch essential oil.  This news is important enough to create awareness with a blog post for Birch is a powerful pain reliever and important in our arsenal of naturally powerful pain relief!

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Radiation Burn Relief Healing Salve


How many of you know a loved one or a friend of a loved one undergoing radiation treatment for breast cancer?  Sadly, many of us are raising our hands right now. Cancer sucks but there's always hope and hope can come wrapped in love. Help your friends and loved ones heal well and quickly with an herbal salve packed with powerful ingredients to speed the recovery of ... { Continue Reading }

Nature’s Antiviral Sanitizing Spray


One of the most valuable benefits of pure essential oils is their ability to kill a virus. Yes, you heard that right KILL a virus and, without side effects mind you!  This reason alone makes essential oils universally beneficial for all mankind because our bodies battle bacterial and viral infections daily. Additionally, more virulent strains of bacterial infection like ... { Continue Reading }

“Dirty” Salve Carrier Oil

Dirty Salve Carrier Oil

If you love coffee and coffee shops you know the term "dirty".  A shot of espresso in Chai tea that gives that already blissful substance an extra kick is deemed: dirty.  Well, the same goes for my much loved Naked Salve, the not so naked carrier oil can be made "dirty" with one special added kick that helps anything added to it, work better!  My love for Naked Salve knew ... { Continue Reading }

Patchouli & White Fir for Pain Relief

Pain Relief

In a world of synthetic pain relievers, isn't great to have an unlimited resource of natural alternatives!  Pure essential oils can be combined in a myriad of combinations to meet our own individual needs.  This combination for pain relief is one of my favorites!   ... { Continue Reading }

How and Where to Apply Essential Oils


Essential Oils 101 - How to Apply:  Essential oils are used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications.  Either a single oil can be used or a blend, depending on the user's experience and the desired benefit.  Essential oils are usually applied by one of three methods: diffused aromatically, applied topically, or taken internally as dietary ... { Continue Reading }

Just Say No to ADHD Drugs


This is a "cut to the chase" blog post with very little objectivity on my part.  Bottom line, I do not believe in benefits at the peril of a healthy body and/or wellness of mind and spirit. Take what you will from my personal experience and use it as you see fit because I so wish someone would have shared this with me once upon a time. ... { Continue Reading }

Better than a Flu Shot Diffuser Blend

DIY Protective Blend

Obviously, I'm not a big fan of flu shots because I know there's a better way to ward off cold and flu without side effects {like getting the flu!}. Our bodies will respond more effectively to a natural alternative like pure essential oils because our biochemistry is so very similar.  Did you know that an essential oil can have up to 500 natural chemical compounds whereas ... { Continue Reading }