Herpes Simplex Relief

Herpes Simplex Relief

Everyone is at risk for oral herpes from HSV-1. In fact, studies suggest that by adolescence, 62% of Americans are infected with HSV-1. By the time people are in their 60’s, up to 85% have been infected.  Now, let’s have that conversation about how a naturally potent antiviral blend can help and, what that application would be.

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Amend+ Aches & Pains Salve


If you're like me, you don't mess around with pain but, you don't reach for crappy, side effect ridden OTC drugs for pain either.  Get ready for a no-nonsense post from a no-nonsense EO user...when it comes to pain. ... { Continue Reading }

Nerve Pain Relief Naturally


This is an EO blend to keep for emergency nerve pain in place of over the counter NSAID pain relievers and prescription pain meds that end up doing more damage than good.  Why not give a naturally powerful pain remedy a go: no side effects, no addictive properties, no nonsense. ... { Continue Reading }

Critical Care Cream for Hands


Are you ready for winter hands?  If you make this you will be.  Hands are a reflection of life, how hard or soft we live it, love it and use it.  Gail's Critical Care Cream turned out to be a lifesaver for my slightly neglected, life lovin hands. ... { Continue Reading }

Tennis Elbow is a Pain

Tennis Elbow

Isn't it amazing how a spot of irritation can rule your whole day?  Tennis Elbow is a common complaint from weekend warriors to cubicle cuties it's no respecter of persons but, the pain of it all can be relieved naturally and affordably.  Try this first before considering something more drastic like a shot of cortisone that can break down joint health long term. ... { Continue Reading }

Organic or Pure Essential Oils?


Have you wondered about the difference?  I have and although I'm an organic gardening and lifestyle advocate all the way there are some things you should know about the certified USDA Organic Standard for food and farming, the changes may indeed have a direct effect on essential oil quality. ... { Continue Reading }

Dash the Hot Flash Spray


To all my girlfriends of a certain age, here's a little help when you're ready to tear your clothes off.  A bright, soothing blend of pure essential oils in cool, moisturizing alcohol free witch hazel to chill your skin, calm hormone driven mood swings and lift your spirits! ... { Continue Reading }

Insomniac’s Friend & Headache Blend


Consider this a short and very sweet post.  Write this blend down or print it out, it's a great all in one blend to keep around! Save 10% on any Spark Naturals pure essential oils AND diffusers {dropper bottles too!} with coupon code: campwander at checkout. ... { Continue Reading }