Organic Blemish Peel with O!

Blemish Peel

Last year I bought a new car with a sunroof and life has changed as I knew it.  Not because of the added vitamin D in my day, but the natural light bath that showcases every nook, cranny and sunspot on my face.  The insensitive car salesman neglected to warn me that every time I pull the visor mirror down to check my face I would get the shock of my life…

After much thought and swearing I decided I needed some kind of facial peel.  I found a salon in Utah that offered a series of organic peels, okay great, perfect!  $240 later my skin was improved but “more work” was needed and that’s when I looked at my bottle of O with new interest.  Let’s delve deeper into the powers of Oregano…

A healthy body is a beautiful body and I love O for it’s naturally potent healing qualities. Potent = HOT.  Don’t ever forget that this EO is hot and can be an irritant unless diluted in many cases.  Many people do use it neat but it’s my responsibility to warn you of its heat.  It’s a crazy powerful antibiotic that can hunt down stubborn systemic infections whether ingested or used topically for candida, IBS, urinary tract infections, acne, wounds and rashes.  I believe this is true for skin cancers as well. I know that’s a bold statement but I’ve seen results and heard positive testimonials from many.  However, please do your own due diligence and make a well-educated decision for you and your family before using pure Oregano for serious issues like skin cancer. In my own experience, skin cancer diagnosed by a physician and removed by a specialist is no guarantee that the cancer won’t return.  My advice is to be aware of your options and be prepared to turn to pure Oregano if needed.

For all of that information and a lot more, I instinctively turned to Oregano for an organic facial peel whether it be for a blemish, rash, scaly skin lesion and/or sun damage.  FYI: I use the all inclusive descriptive like BLEMISH loosely to include all aforementioned issues carefully avoiding the promise of a skin cancer remedy.  Moving on, we’re not finished yet!  I include one other essential oil to the Organic Blemish Peel for it’s unique ability to enhance O and, to lend its own special regenerative properties.

Yes, Frankincense.  In case you didn’t know, Frankincense is gentle, it’s so gentle that you don’t need to dilute it for topical application and this particular healer has no known side effects either.  There are a multitude of research papers and clinical studies easily accessible online showcasing pure Frankincense as an anti-cancer, anti-tumor hopeful. This EO’s potential in beauty products is a no-brainer in my opinion and I love how it tempers the heat of O in this particular skin treatment.

When I started experimenting with this combination of EOs I added 2 drops of Oregano to a single serving of Ultimate Skin Serum (contains Frankincense) with good results, there’s a stinging sensation that lasts approximately 5 minutes, I felt like this was too strong especially in the summer when I’m outside a lot but I might return to this in the winter.  I then decided to use a salve base to gentle it up.  You can customize the strength yourself by adding more or less Oregano and Frank. Of course, any time a high-quality coconut oil is in the mix you just can’t go wrong.  Yes, I’m liking the salve based peel!  Click on this link to All Purpose Healing Salve to learn about the ingredients I use in all my super pure Salves!

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Organic Blemish Peel
  • 10 drops pure Oregano {per one 1 oz jar}
  • 10 drops pure Frankincense {per one 1 oz jar}
  • ½ cup organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil
  • ½ cup organic olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons organic beeswax pastilles
  • ½ teaspoon natural vitamin e {as a preservative}
  • 1 ounce glass jar
  1. For convenience and easy pouring, use a glass Pyrex measuring bowl with a spout and handle for melting coconut and olive oils, set it inside a deep saucepan with 3 inches hot water. On low heat, slowly heat the coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax. Melt slowly, be careful not to let any water splash into the oils, this could cause mold issues. Stir occasionally to keep the beeswax melting in.
  2. When the coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax have melted completely, add vitamin e oil and stir gently.
  3. Prepare jars by adding oregano and frankincense essential oils to the bottom of each clean glass jar. Pour melted oils over the essential oils, no need to stir but you can if you must!
  4. Fill ¼ inch from the top of each jar, cover with a paper towel and let sit at least 6 hours until solid. Seal snugly with lid.
  5. Shelf life of Organic Blemish Peel is approximately 4 to 6 months without vitamin e oil added (preservative). With vitamin e, approximately 6 to 8 months.
  6. Remember, coconut oil will melt at 76 degrees, store in a dark, cool place for best results.

Obviously, you won’t need 8 ounces of Blemish Peel unless you plan on sharing with friends.  Sooooo, set aside one jar for Organic Blemish Peel and make up some All Purpose Healing Salve, Dreamy Sleep Salve or even some handy, dandy Sexy Wellness Personal Salve :)

Of course, less is more with Organic Blemish Peel.  You can use the salve daily by applying as a moisturizer or, simply dabbing your trouble spots.  I suggest night time use because there will be a little redness and this is the best time for your body to do its healing.  Do not use during pregnancy or when nursing.  Good news, this salve is versatile!  It can be used on wounds, sores and even swallowed for a sore throat or to quell a cough (half teaspoon) but ONLY if you use PURE Oregano and Frankincense with all organic ingredients including the vitamin e!  Double the amount of oregano in the recipe to use on plantar warts or skin tags, no need for a cotton swab!  This is also a great option for candida breakouts.

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  1. Jennifer says

    great post, I always feel like I learn so much from your posts!, I’m a part time cloth diapering mom(day care won’t use) & my son has gotten a few yeast rashes., I’m thinking about trying this, would you recommend doubling the oregano for this application?

  2. Gwyn says

    I’m curious about what makes this a “peel”. I’m not very familiar with using them so I may be thinking about it all wrong but I thought peels were named that way because your dead skin layers come off when you wipe off the “peel”. I have no doubts this works but why isn’t it just a moisturiser or Blemish Cream say?

    • says

      I’m really curious about that (peel) phrase too. Still wondering how the Gentle Cleanse might have any affect (if any) on my meds for BP, RA, IBS. I did start it but want to be cautious. Anyone have any experience or thoughts on this.
      Love Camp Wander & Jillee.

    • Rebecca says

      Gwyn, oregano is somewhat salicylic by nature and high in phenol if I understand the chemistry correctly and strongly antiseptic which could also explain the flaking/peeling effect. Since I’ve been using this I do experience a light peel even though I combine the EOs with a moisturizing base and the small flaky patches I have in various spots are smoothing over.

  3. Shawna says

    Please start making your peels/salves/magic so that we can purchase them! I am not talented enough to make this myself! I burn toast-I could see any attempt going up in flames!

  4. Kelly Methey says

    I want try this! Thanks.
    I am passing through Utah right now and spending the night near SLC. Didn’t I read that you or Jillee opened an EO store? I would love to stop by but don’t know where it is.

  5. Tia says

    Where do you buy your all-natural vitamin e oil. I didn’t see a link and how do I know if the I’m purchasing is non-GMO. Love, love, love love, did I say love your blog!

  6. Spacey says

    How often would you use this? Like 5 days in a row or 1 day every week?? I really need a peel for my face, just curious what the time frame is like.

    • Rebecca says

      I use a thin application every night for two weeks. Watch your skin during the first few days to determine whether you should reduce number of applications or not.

  7. Frankie says

    What would it do to skin tags? Would it eventually make them fall out? I’m really interested in making this and get rid of those pesky tags! Thanks! I know you get heaps of questions and I appreciate your time!!

    • Rebecca says

      The pure oregano would kill the virus and the skin tag would die off allowing you to eventually pull it away if it doesn’t fall off by itself. Apply twice everyday as needed.

      • Gloria says

        Rebecca, do mean to apply just the O twice a day to skin tags or the double strength blemish peel salve? I have a tag on my eyelid (my grandma had them there also

        • Rebecca says

          Gloria, you could use the salve near your eyes, I do my undereye and eyelid area every night…it’s not hot in a salve base.

  8. Christina says

    I love love love reading your stuff. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Do think this would work on all or most of the different types of skin issues? Both my sister and boyfriend have eczema? Has anyone ever tried it for this? $100s and $100s of dollars later we can find anything that works! ;-(

    Thank you for your time!

    • Rebecca says

      Just a precaution Renee. In my opinion, occasional use of PURE Oregano is fine but I’m not in a position to tell the public that everyday use is ok for pregnant and nursing moms.

  9. heatherruark says

    I just tried to check out on the Spark website with the CW 10% coupon at it says the coupon isn’t valid? Help?

  10. Tina G. says

    I was wondering if there is anything else to put in this in place of the frankicense? I don’t have any yet but I did get my Oregano from the oil of the month club! :)

    • Rebecca says

      If you have Lavender, that would be a decent substitute as it’s a wonderful restorative oil but none compare to pure Frankincense for helping to heal skin issues!

  11. Michelle says

    Hi Rebecca,
    I wanted to let you know that I have been using this every night, for about two months, on my face and I’m seeing a big difference in my tone and it is also helping to heal and repair the skin in my chin where I consistently have monthly break outs, in fact, this month although I had one of two small raised acne spots they didn’t “bloom” and just went away. This stuff is wonderful and the oregano aroma is growing on me somewhat :)
    thanks for the fantastic recipe!!

  12. Shelley says

    Hi from Canada! Love all your posts…so informative. I have made your all purpose healing salve many times for my son who has eczema…he loves it and it has helped more than anything I’ve ever tried for him…I added frank to it as I just love it!
    I made an oregano and frank serum using your suggestion of 10 drops each in about an ounce of organic jojoba oil for my skin as I find the salve base just a bit too much for my face. Love it!!
    Keep the recipes and EO info coming…
    Shelley :)

  13. Lisa says

    Hi Rebecca, I have learned so much about healing naturally through your wonderful IG account!. I have 2 huge problems lately. I don’t know why, but my skin is freaking out w/ heat & humidity. I have severe breakouts in armpits with rash/acne & embarrassing as this is, I have itching all around my lady parts. My Dr wants me to use steroids & I’m not comfortable taking because they’re so bad for us. HELP!!! Thank you for any suggestions.

  14. Deb says

    Hi there – what could you substitute for the Oregano for someone who is pregnant and still get good results? Thanks so much.

  15. Morgan says

    Why can’t pregnant and nursing women use this? Do you have a substitute you would recommend? I am in need of some major blemish control! Thanks


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