Chicken Coop Drunken Herbal Spray


Once you bring chickens to homestead be it urban or rural you’ll quickly learn about a special symbiotic relationship; what goes in must come out. So let’s learn about keeping their coop clean, green and pesticide free with herbs, herbals and anti-bacterial cheep vodka (reasons for the drunken version later!).

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The Ultimate Deodorant Base


I'm more than excited to share this recipe with you!  The time has come for a universal deodorant base that along with a few well chosen essential oils addresses odor, perspiration AND beautiful skin, it really is the ultimate! ... { Continue Reading }

Crushing Headache Pain Relief


When even light aggravates your headache, you might have a crushing headache on your hands. Some would categorize this kind of headache as a migraine but that's not always so.  In my case, it's more a sinus issue but regardless of it's origin, heavy hitter pain relief is in order! ... { Continue Reading }

Beekeeping with Essential Oils


It's springtime in Wyoming and you know what that means; bees, chickens and gardening!  Naturally, of course.  I acquired my second top bar hive and my package of bees arrive the last week of April so I thought I'd share the process, beginning with hiving the little wonders! ... { Continue Reading }

Animal Lovers Fly Spray


I wanted to name this post, Damn Flies Fly Spray!  I do hate flies, I don't even like them near my compost pile and the misery they can cause animals is criminal. It's been such a warm winter in Wyoming, that the flies are emerging early but I'm ready for them, with an organic solution that conditions, repels, heals and sanitizes! ... { Continue Reading }

Vitamin C and the Cold and Flu Bomb


It's nigh to Spring and the fight against unusually strong strains of the cold and flu continues. Hospitals and doctor's offices are still treating thousands of infants and elderly with RSV.  I don't doubt that there are many among us, parents and care givers alike who are feeling helpless, tired and scared. ... { Continue Reading }