Liquid Aspirin Herbal Body Rub


If you haven't added therapeutic Birch essential oil to your plant-based medicine cabinet today's another chance to get it done. Birch is a natural source of methyl salicylate, a compound isolated by a french chemist in 1843 used historically for pain relief. There are some caveats to using this essential oil safely so please read the entire post before using. ... { Continue Reading }

16 Ways to Use Frankincense!


Frankincense was once considered so precious that treasuries were built to house and protect this valuable commodity.  The Roman Empire coveted the Frankincense trade, Augustus Caesar ordered 10,000 Roman troops to invade the region in order to control Frankincense production, but the troops never made it through the desert and had to turn back. Frankincense is still a ... { Continue Reading }

Kid & Pet Friendly Tick Repellent


Summertime, sweet summertime!  Golden days packed full of outdoor activities with the sun on our shoulders is all glory, until the biting begins!  Go outside prepared with a safe and sane natural alternative to DEET that's kid and pet friendly with some sunscreen protection to boot! ... { Continue Reading }

DIY Extra Strength Immunity Blend


If you're an essential oil user I'm pretty sure you have an immunity or, protection blend in your natural medicine collection that is loosely based on the legend of the Four Thieves.  If you don't, you must, because no other blend is as all purpose as this one! ... { Continue Reading }

Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen


This is the thing about using natural ingredients and making your own skincare products, sunscreen included. Once you find a "base" of ingredients you like the versatility will blow your mind!  Find out how to transform our favorite DIY deodorant base into a safe summer sunscreen! ... { Continue Reading }

Chicken Coop Drunken Herbal Spray


Once you bring chickens to homestead be it urban or rural you'll quickly learn about a special symbiotic relationship; what goes in must come out. So let's learn about keeping their coop clean, green and pesticide free with herbs, herbals and anti-bacterial cheep vodka (reasons for the drunken version later!). ... { Continue Reading }